Carlos Ahenkorah explains why he snatched the Ballot Papers and run.

MP for Tema West, Carlos Ahenkorah has explained the reasons behind his ballot snatching antics.
He said he was heartbroken by the turn of events, adding that he did it for the grassroots and the President.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) legislator came under the spotlight after snatching uncounted ballot papers during the process to elect the Speaker of Parliament.
Mr Ahenkorah snatched the ballot papers while counting was ongoing and attempted to bolt with it.
He was, however, chased by some legislators from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), sparking chaos in Parliament.

In a statement, the Tema West MP apologised for his actions but said he did it for his party and the President, Nana Akufo-Addo.

“I did it for the grassroots who relied on us in power to survive, the president who needs some peace to run the country and the greater NPP party as a whole because we cannot always allow the NDC to threaten and vilify us,” a section of the statement said, as quoted by Citinewsroom.

“I apologize though to my family and friends both far and near who may be affected by my actions. The NPP in me couldn’t be controlled. I apologize but I tried!!!”

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